Hi, I’m Caroline and I welcome you to Hedgehog Holistics! But what’s it all about?

A little while ago I was feeling unfulfilled. I was working 5 days a week as a childminder, some days from 7.00am until 8.30pm; long hours, which left me feeling drained.  I wanted some balance, but wasn’t sure where to find it. Then all of a sudden, it found me!

I started practicing Mindfulness and signed up for a Mindfulness Coaching Diploma, then a Chakra Healing Course and I was on my way! Next came Angelic Reiki Healing, of which I’m a qualified practitioner and Indian Head Massage. I was already a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, but had confined my practice to friends and family, so EFT joined the repertoire, too. Now I’m trained in Capacitar self-care techniques, Swedish Massage Therapy and as a Yoga teacher, following the successful completion of my 200YTT!

And the hedgehog? He was gifted to me during an Angelic Reiki healing I received from a colleague. In ancient Egypt hedgehogs were viewed as a symbol of rebirth, so that was good enough for me and Hedgehog Holistics was born!

And here I am, ready to help you address your own self-care requirements! I still work as a childminder, but life’s a lot more balanced and less stressful now and I love having time in the evenings and weekends to bring harmony to others.  I offer a variety of services aimed at sharing techniques to reduce stress, promote improved energy flow and balance. Come on in, and leave your worries at the door!





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