A Pat On The Back

It’s been a wonderful Summer. You’ve successfully juggled work, home and the school holidays. You’ve been entertainer, taxi driver, chief cook and bottle washer, holiday planner and packer, laundress and mediator.

You’ve budgeted for outings, school uniforms, new school bags and shoes and now it’s here . . . the return to school! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Or, better still, invest in yourself with a back, neck and shoulder massage. These are areas where we carry most of our tension. The muscles become tight and knotted, leaving us with aches and niggles.

Sitting comfortably? Then try this: keep your spine straight, sit up nice and tall, roll your shoulders 3 times in a clockwise direction, then 3 times anti-clockwise. Do it slowly and pay attention to where you notice tightness or crunching. Return to neutral.

Next take your head from left to right, exhaling as you look to the side and inhaling as you come back to centre. Bring your head forward, chin to chest and up again. Finally, take your right ear to right shoulder, noticing the stretch on the left-hand side of your neck, then repeat on the left side and notice the stretch on the right. Listen out for any creaks during the exercises and focus on areas that feel uncomfortable.

Noticed any sticky bits? Massage can improve on that. The action of massage on the muscles brings a fresh supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to them freeing the fibres and rejuvenating them. Simultaneously, it stimulates the lymph system, encouraging the removal of debris from muscles, organs and blood vessels, so you feel fresh and relaxed all over.

This month, from 13-31 August, you can catch a 20-minute back, neck and shoulder massage for just £10 by contacting me for an appointment on 07769 184 698 or via hedgehogholistics2017@gmail.com. Appointment times are available evenings and weekends.

Alternatively, pop along to my stand at Burrelton Fayre on the Green, Saturday 25 August from 2pm-5pm. Find information on other available therapies at http://www.hedgehogholistics.com

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