National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. It falls annually on the first Wednesday in November. 
What makes you stressed?
How do you deal with your stress?

For me, creating these blogs is stressful. Finding images, thinking of something to write. Why? Probably because I hate sitting at a computer. And don’t tell me to use my mobile instead, so I can blog on the go, that only takes the stress to rocket level!

Having too much to do or working against the clock makes me stressed. And also too much noise.

How do I deal with my stress?

On a bad day, with a glass of red wine. Not so long ago, on really bad days, it could be half a bottle of wine. But, usually there comes a time when you think enough is enough. Nowadays I lower my stress with yoga and meditative breathing. I won’t say I remove my stress because I don’t think that’s realistic. We all carry some stress and a little of it is useful. It can be productive.

Dealing with stress is about finding balance. Here’s something I do when I’m parked in the car or just having a tough moment. 

Sit comfortably in your chair. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands in your lap.
Close your eyes and inhale, nice and long, for at least a count of four.
Exhale gently through the mouth for the same count.
Try to focus solely on your breath. If little thoughts try to worm their way in, just acknowledge them and let them float past. Don’t become distracted by them.
Now allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.
Feel better? Heart rate a little slower? Shoulders more relaxed?
You can come to your breath at any time to help lower your stress levels.

Yoga encourages us to find balance between breath, body and mind. If you’re not sure if yoga is for you why not try my yoga taster session on 17 November in Cargill-Burrelton church hall. Details to follow soon.

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