Into Her Own Hands

As you know, I like to meditate. I find my little quiet corner and draw inwards. This morning I called on Green Tara to come and join me. Green Tara is one of the Boddhisattvas of Compassion. I find it easy to connect with her and enjoy her presence.

I settled into my meditation and brought to mind our Earth, with the intention of sending her healing. The message which came into my mind in response was “Nature has taken things into her own hands”.

So, I’m thinking this situation is a bit like an enforced period of recovery from illness. In the same way as the liver can repair some of its damage if we give it a rest from alcohol, eat more healthily, exercise, etc, I believe Mother Nature is sending us indoors, cutting down on the pollution and ensuring the Earth has a bit of a rest from we humans and our dirt. We’ve forgotten that we’re not the only ones who live here.

It is certainly making me reassess my actions. I try to recycle and to be careful about my use of resources, but there’s a lot more I could do to be less wasteful. All my classes are cancelled until further notice, so I have no excuse and plenty of time to look at being more efficient with food waste, use of the car and recycling my plastics. Some may think I’ve got that wrong, but it can’t do any harm, can it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this quote from Lama Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche:
“Compassion is the best healer. The most powerful healing comes from developing compassion for all living beings.”


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