Oncology Massage

“The act of massage spreads cells no more than you walking around, putting the washing on, etc. You can still be physical.” Susan Findlay STT.

One in two of us will develop cancer during our lifetime, so why deny yourself something which can reduce your pain, help you to relax and improve your quality of sleep?

Oncology massage is tailored to each individual. It takes into account how you feel on any given moment, in any given day. We consider the depth of pressure you can now enjoy – where you used to enjoy deep tissue, you may now only tolerate a light pressure: where previously you may have lain for up to an hour in massage, 10-20 minutes may now be sufficient. And, of course, we have to think about your position: you may prefer to sit for massage rather than lie. We also accommodate treatment sites, cannulae, colostomy bags and IV ports, etc. Nothing is too much trouble and we can happily work around any issues.

As with all forms of massage, Oncology massage encourages the systems of the body to work more efficiently. It promotes delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscles; it stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins and it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to produce Oxytocin (the happy hormone) which gives us that delicious feeling of being relaxed and soothed. Massage can improve your wellbeing and confidence and helps to reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety.

I can provide a mobile service, so you, or your family, may enjoy massage in the comfort of your own home. I am also PVG checked.

If you are outwith Tayside and North Fife and would like to find a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist in your area go to https://www.susanfindlay.co.uk/oncology/find-a-therapist, where you will find a list of Certified Oncology Massage Therapists trained, like myself, by the highly respected Susan Findlay STT.

For more information on integrative cancer care, take a look at this book:
The Cancer Revolution by Patricia Peat, ISBN 1-5262-0032-5.

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